SEO. A Journal Of Time.

SEO. A Journal Of Time.
A Printing Press, The Production, Of, A Complex Print. Is, An, Interesting Route, Into Uncovering SEO.
Like, A Water Book.
Every Detail, In, The Illustrative Development, Of Your Site, Threads, And Is Printed, In, A, ‘Substack, Which Details, It’s Evolutionary History. The Same, Holds, True, For, It’s, Architectural (Node) Link Network.
The Caching Structure Of The Internet, Is, What, Is, Analyzed, By, The, Search Engines, And, As, You, Tell, Your Story. Like Facebook. The Print, Of, Your, Progress, Is, Indexually Structured, Within, All, The, Prints, Of, The,’Progress.

A MAd Book About SEO.: Volume 2 eBook: Firminger, Kelvin: Kindle Store
Constructually, You Have, Your, Print, And, Your, Progress.
My Website, Is, Worth, £4 Million. The, Average Value, Of, A, Constructually Imprinted, Website.
Web, Engineering, Has, Only, Just Begun,
,.,..To Be Understood.
Warwick Goble,

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