What Is “Mad”, The “Modern, All-Inclusive, Directory”,Com, Sci, Computer Science,-

What Is “Mad”, The “Modern, All-Inclusive, Directory”,
Com, Sci, Computer Science,

Modern, All-Inclusive, Directory,
MAD Mainframe Architecture Directory,
MAD Marketing Art And Design,
MAD Mutually Assured Destruction
MAD Mean Absolute Deviation
MAD Make A Difference
MAD Mommy and Daddy (scientists; University of California, San Francisco)
MAD Moroccan Dirham (ISO currency code)
MAD Manufacturing and Design (various locations)
MAD Men Are Dumb
MAD Music Art Dance (various organizations)
MAD Mayhem and Destruction (gaming clan)
MAD My African Dream
MAD Mastertronic Added Dimension (game publisher)
MAD Mitotic Arrest Deficient (cells)
MAD Mandibular Advancement Device (sleep apnea)
MAD Mothers against Decapentaplegic (protein)
MAD Modified Atkins Diet
MAD Multimedia Art Design (various locations)
MAD Mpeg Audio Decoder
MAD Member Appreciation Day (various organizations)
MAD Military Appreciation Day
MAD Mind Altering Drug(s)
MAD Microsoft Access Module
MAD Muxed Address Delay
MAD Microsoft Active Directory
MAD Madonna
MAD Memory Access Controller Driver
MAD Militärischer Abschirmdienst (Military Secret Service, Germany)
MAD Mobile Armor Division
MAD Museum of Arts & Design (formerly American Craft Museum)
MAD Mid-Atlantic District (various meanings)
MAD Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion
MAD Mean Annual Discharge (stream flow)
MAD Multiple Ascending Dose (clinical trials)
MAD Median Absolute Deviation
MAD Mean And Dirty (Inspector Gadget)
MAD Multiwavelength Anomalous Diffraction
MAD Mathematicians of the African Diaspora (University at Buffalo; New York)
MAD Maintien a Domicile (French: Housekeeper)
MAD Minimum Approach Distance (electrical safety)
MAD Material Availability Date
MAD Ministry of Administration and Digitalization (Poland)
MAD Market Abuse Directive (UK)
MAD Motivated and Determined
MAD Mean Absolute Difference
MAD Mosquito Abatement District
MAD Military Air Distress (US DoD)
MAD Myoadenylate Deaminase Deficiency
MAD Master Agility Dog (dog agility title)
MAD Music and Design
MAD Motorists Against Detection (UK anti speed camera group)
MAD Major Affective Disorder
MAD Maintenance Analysis Data
MAD Marine Aviation Detachment
MAD Mouse Adenovirus
MAD Multiple Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase
MAD Multiple Administrative Domain (computing)
MAD Madrid, Spain – Barajas (Airport Code)
MAD Moisture and Density
MAD Michigan Algorithmic Decoder
MAD Message Address Directory
MAD Middle-Aged Dating
MAD Magara Arastirma Dernegi (cave research society, Turkey)
MAD Magnetic Audio Device
MAD Memory Address Driver (BIOS)
MAD Montana Association of the Deaf
MAD Multiple Access Device
MAD Male Approval Desire
MAD Mine Assembly Depot (US Navy)
MAD Modify, Adapt, Depend (environment)
MAD My Adorable Darling
MAD Mothers against the Draft
MAD MAC-Address Descriptor (Cisco)
MAD Magazine des Arts et du Divertissement (French: Arts and Entertainment Magazine; Belgium)
MAD Mass Acceleration Diagram
MAD Mean Administrative Delay (ITU-T)
MAD Mean Aerodynamic Diameter
MAD Maladjusted, Antisocial, and Darn Mean (Tom of Thumb)
MAD Mini Attack Drone
MAD Maintenance Assembly-Disassembly
MAD Mis-Aligned Die (coinage)
MAD Maximum Allowable Delay
MAD Mixed Anxiety and Depression disorder
MAD Master Account Domain
MAD Motorcycle Adventure Destinations
MAD Mission Area Deficiency
MAD Managing Archaeological Data
MAD Multiaperture Device
MAD Medical Anchor Desk
MAD Marina Academic Decathlon (Huntington Beach, California)
MAD Margin for Adverse Deviation (finance; also seen as MFAD)
MAD Master of Air Defense
MAD Mission Area Directorate
MAD Market Analysis Dormancy
MAD Mobility and Directories
MAD Major Activity Director
MAD Military Assistance Division (US European Command EUCOM)
MAD MilieuAdviesDienst Regionaal (Dutch: regional environment advice service)
MAD Maintenance Action Directive
MAD Maximum Applicable Dose
MAD Major Account Designation
MAD Magnetic Anomaly Detector/Detection
MAD Mission Assignment Discret (US Air Force)
MAD Management Accounting Division
MAD Media Advertising and Design (various locations)
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